by Nana Vigilante

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Written by Lindsay Roser
Music by Simon Reynolds

A collaboration with ex's.


It gets smaller till soon you wont feel it at all
the skydiver turns from life size to ant size as he falls
Microscopic while he's dropping
and there's no going back once I've written and read it
No gods, no masters, no microsoft edit.

All this automatic writing
biding time to know who I am
sign your life below the line
to learn what's behind

All this chance can be a gift of God if you let it
Digging up what has been sown
Tearing pores in time
more learnt with each accidental rhyme.

It gets smaller till you don't feel it at all
it gets smaller till you don't feel it at all
one day you'll wake up, shower, change
and realise you don't need it anymore.

All this gittering
all this tea-lipper chattering
Faces made by etches in the stone
You've kept me stable
my human Adderall
the aching's now contained in the bone
To know, to know, to know what we had known
to know, to know, to know what we had known

Once knew right from wrong
now I'm praying to all kinds of Gods.
One's that slink and sing with sirens.
The kind St Patrick drove from Ireland

Now I'm making plans
to forget you with this man that I just met
Strangers skin on mine - a reminder I am still alive
How did you never guess
that I was hesitant about you
All along, through the words in my songs.

Forget, forget, forget what we had known.


released May 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Nana Vigilante Brisbane, Australia

backseat child screaming for that feeling..

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